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Vasso Hair Shampoo 1000ml (33.81oz)

Vasso Hair Shampoo 1000ml (33.81oz)

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Boasting a specially developed amino-resistance system, Vasso Hair Shampoo helps hair strands gain resistance. Feel the difference from the first use with its refreshing fragrance and silky touch.

How to Use

1-Dampen your hair with lukewarm water.

2-Apply a small amount of Hair Shampoo into the hair.

3-Foam up the dollop of shampoo with a little water before massaging the foaming shampoo through your hair and over the sclapwith circulating movements.

4-Completely rinse the shampoo out of your hair using clear water. Squeeze the hair with your hands during the rinse.


Hair Shampoo,present a charming and masculine smell with spicy base notes and also spreads a bold and cool smell with fresh top notes.

Top Notes - Lemon, Ginger

Mid Notes - Cardamom, Juniper

Base Notes - Patchouly, Tonka Bean

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