If you are thinking about the next few months of heat and humidity, and want to know a way to keep your hair looking good without using product constantly throughout the day, then you might want to consider trying amino acid and keratin treatments for your hair, including shampoos, conditioners and the underused hair mask treatments. All of these are designed to help you manage your hair more effectively, letting you keep the look of a natural hairstyle, while preventing it from becoming dry, damaged or twisted. For people with unruly hair, this can be a lifesaver, and will help you to get ready and go outside without having to be concerned about repairing your hair in the long term.

Amino Acids And Keratin

Using Keratin Treatment

One of the most important tools in your hairstyling armory is keratin, including shampoos and conditioners which you can use on your hair regularly. Keratin is the protein which forms the basis of your hair, and is the scaffolding upon which amino acids can construct and repair hair follicles. It is an extremely fibrous protein, which can often be consumed through healthy eating, along with added to the hair directly using nourishing shampoos, conditioners and treatments. This can be a useful way of protecting your hair, defending it against excessive styling, the use of weaves, or as a result of natural processes such as humidity. The keratin additions are also intended to leave your hair feeling more manageable and requiring less effort to style and the tangle.

Using Amino Acids

The use of both keratin and amino acids in hair is essential for it to be strong and healthy. You cannot really manage to have one of these tours without the other, and using amino acids can actually enhance the keratin which exists in your hair already. When you use amino acids in your shampoo and conditioners, you get stronger hair which is smoother and more manageable. This can be particularly useful if you have the type of curly hair that tends to frizz up during humid weather. Those of us who have suffered with this problem know how difficult it is to manage your hair and keep it tangle free wherever you are. To get the most out of your hairstyling products, experts will always recommend that you use both amino acids and keratin in your hair care treatments.

Finding A Source Of These Nutrients

If you want to detangle your hair and make it more manageable, then you will need to find a supplier who offers both amino acids and keratin treatments in their hairstyle range. For example, you may want to try the Evoque range of keratin hair mask therapy, which combines keratin and amino acid and can be applied to the hair in order to help it repair itself. The mask can nourish your hair, leaving it softer, stronger and better able to cope with the stresses of a humid day. To find out more about how AA Cosmetics can help you get the most out of your hair care options, send us an email today.