Our Evoque Non-Ammonia hair products are exactly what they sound like: hair care without any ammonia in them. We have multiple products that can make your hair look its very best, and they can do so without any ammonia. It’s possible to have the hair you want without the ammonia you don’t. Between the bleach and clarifying color shampoo, your best hair days are ahead of you. Below, we’ll go over our non-ammonia products and how they can make your hair look better than ever.

Evoque Non-Ammonia

For many years, ammonia was just a part of hair coloring products. What made ammonia so common was that it was so effective for hair dye. The ammonia would prepare your hair for the color by opening up your hair’s cuticles. If “opening up your hair’s cuticles” sounds like it would be a bit intensive, it was. See, the ammonia would allow your hair to take the color easily however it would also cause damage to your hair, too. You could have great hair color but at a cost. With non-ammonia products, you can have that great color without the cost.

Evoque Non-Ammonia


Instead of ammonia-filled products that would damage your hair, we aim to nourish it. That’s why our Evoque clarifying color shampoo has plenty of Argan oil in it. It can purify your hair, making sure that it’s smoother and shinier than your hair would be with ammonia-laden products. Many of our Evoque products are meant to be used in tandem. So, the clarifying shampoo goes great with Evoque non-ammonia hair color.

The Power of Bleach

We associate the word “bleach” with a harmful, difficult process. Bleach can keep our clothes clean, but it takes a toll on them, too. The bleaching powder we use is specifically designed to bring down the damage that bleaching can use your hair. Heat application is not something you want to have to go through. That’s why we built our bleach so that you can get the hair you want without having to go through it. Lift your hair up without the heat with this bleaching powder. The best way to achieve that effect, of course, is to use it in tandem with our milk therapy hair color stabilizer oxidant cream. Not only can you lift your hair this way, but you can also do it quickly and effectively.

In a Brief Period of Time

If you have fifteen to fifty minutes, you can get the hair that you want. That’s all the time it takes to use our non-ammonia bleaching powder. You just have to put the bleaching powder in a non-metal container, and then mix in the right amount of hair color stabilizer oxidant clean. With 15 to 50 minutes to wait, that’s time to watch something online and then you can have your best hair. These are just a pair of our Evoque products. You can find our entire hair care catalog and their benefits at our cosmetics site.