Peroxide Volumes 10-20-30-40 1000gr


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Product Description

It is an oxidant that is enriched with oils and has creamy texture used in hair dyeing and bleaching processes. Being compatible with the natural pH balance of the scalp, it helps to reduce allergy and itching during the dyeing process. Evoque Milk Therapy Hair Color Cream is formulated to give the best result when used in a 1: 1 blend with Hair Color Cream. It is not recommended to use it alone. The hydrogen peroxide concentration is provided in 10-20-30-40 vol. Additional Information
Oxidant cream should not be used by itself. The hydrogen peroxide volume should be selected according to the application to be performed. The oxidant should be used in a non-metallic container with a creamy hair dye or a bleaching powder mixed very well. Once the homogenous mixture is obtained, it should be applied.

Reduces hair irritation on the scalp
Shows hair colors more vividly
Prevents hair color bleeding
Active Ingredients
PEG-4 Rapeseed Amide derived from grape seeds
Vitamin E
Bisabolol (shooting) derived from chamomile extract,