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Milk is synonymous with nourishment. From our earliest days, milk helps our bodies to grow stronger. Our Milk Therapy line of products brings that replenishing, restorative power to hair care. The “milk” in our  Evoque Milk Therapy line isn’t any kind of animal milk, or really milk at all. Rather, these hair care products draw ingredients from amino acids derived from milk proteins. We take the most beneficial part of milk, infuse it with a host of other vitamins, oils and more, to provide a hair care product that gives your hair silkiness, moisture, bounciness, strength and nourishment.

Essential Amino Acids 

Specifically, our Milk Therapy products derive the twelve essential amino acids from milk proteins. You’ll note that these are not the “twelve mostly helpful amino acids,” or “twelve amino acids that it would be good for your body to have.” No, these are the “twelve essential amino acids,” which can be instrumental in making your hair exactly what you want it to be. Amino acids are often referred to as the “building blocks of life.” Our shampoo takes these building blocks and uses them to reconstruct damaged hair, giving it the structure,  strength and silkiness it may have lost. 

Hair Care to Restore

We have many different kinds of Milk Therapy products, many of which can restore specific kinds of damaged hair. For example, the “Creamy Milk Mousse” can revitalize hair that may have become too brittle and dry. Should your hair have lost some of its organic, vivacious nature, the “Creamy Milk Mask” recovers its natural look. Just about all of our Milk Therapy products fix problems with hair length as well as tip fractures. When something happens to your hair, Milk Therapy can help to make it look how you would like. By helping with moisture, Milk Therapy can provide a silkier softness. 

Evoque Milk Therapy: A Better Look, Easier

It’s easy to overlook how much your hair goes through in the course of a day. Whether you spend all day outside, sitting in an office, or anything else, your hair can benefit from the strengthening and nourishment that comes from our Milk Therapy. These products are safe for everyday use as well as colored hair, so there’s a Milk Therapy product that could make your hair softer and bouncier, with more volume to boot. Rich with healthy ingredients like argan oil, and free of harmful sulfates and parabens, Milk Therapy is a luxurious way to treat your hair. 

Healthy Hair Wherever You Go

The last thing you want to worry about when you go somewhere is: “how will this affect my hair?” Milk Therapy has been specifically formulated to keep your hair bouncy and silky in all kinds of environments. Speaking of adverse conditions, plenty of Milk Therapy products can keep your hair safe and secure even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, sea salt and even the rays of the sun. Your hair can look as great as it feels.

Therapy for your Hair

When some part of your body is damaged, such as your hand or leg, you might go through physical therapy. This process can help to restore that part of your body. That’s exactly what our Milk Therapy can be for your hair, whether you’re looking to revitalize your hair or nourish it in a way never previously imagined. For hair that stays bouncy, silky and soft all day long, choose Milk Therapy. 

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