Non Ammonia

Non Ammonia

Beautiful hair isn’t something you should have to suffer for. Evoque Non Ammonia products give you the protection and feel you want without any downsides. For years, using ammonia products was effective, but that came with a price: damage. Ammonia-laden products could harm your hair, making the benefits short-lived. You should never have to choose between “healthy hair” and “beautiful hair.” Our Non Ammonia products give you the best of both worlds: healthy, vibrant hair with a shine that lasts.

Non Ammonia Shampoos

Our Non Ammonia shampoo extends the lifespan of color in your hair. Your hair will look how you want for an extended period of time. Clarifying shampoo does exactly that: it clarifies your hair by locking the moisture in. That way, your hair maintains its look in a safe, healthy way for a longer period of time. In the past, to get these kinds of benefits, people would have to use products laden with ammonia. Then, they’d have to deal with all of ammonia’s negative side effects. Instead, our products strengthen your hair. Suitable for all hair types, the Argan oil and other active ingredients purify your hair so that it holds in the color while keeping damage away.

Non Ammonia Conditioners

Many hair care products say they provide “color protection.” Our Non Ammonia products offer “color protection” on two levels: they protect the color in your hair as well as your hair itself. So, your hair will be protected from damage while also keeping that rich, lush look. Instead of having to spend your time worrying about whether or not your hair has maintained the color and look that you would like, you can just go out and enjoy it. 

Better Hair No Matter the Condition

Sometimes, you have to go somewhere or do something that isn’t conducive to looking your best. There’s nothing like a relaxing day spent out in the sun, but the harmful effects of sunlight can take a real toll on your hair. Our Non Ammonia products can help to ward those off so that your hair is as strong and healthy at 6 AM as it is at 6 PM. That way, you can have the confidence that comes with vibrant hair no matter where your journey takes you. Vivid hair color is often one of the first things a person may notice about you, and our products ensure you make a great first impression. 

Beautiful Hair Without Harm 

That’s what our Non Ammonia line truly provides. Beyond just being free of ammonia, many of our products are free of direct dyes, sulfate, parabens and silicone as well. Our products can reduce or even flat out eliminate scalp irritation so that you can better enjoy your hair’s look. For too long, people have felt that they have to sacrifice to get their hair to look how they want for as long as they want. With our non ammonia products, the days of having to suffer for your hair are over. You deserve hair that shines as brightly as you do.

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