You’re at a party, someone amazing catches your eye, you look at them, they look at you… and in the mirror behind them, you can see static electricity doing a number on your hair. That’s not what you want. Static electricity can be a real problem, which is why you need a real solution. Our Evoque Smart Keratin products can get rid of static electricity. On top of that, they can offer quite a few other hair benefits, too.

Evoque Smart Keratin

When we think of proteins in our bodies, hair is often one of the last things that come to mind. However, keratin is a structural protein, and there’s quite a bit of keratin in your hair. In fact, your hair cortex consists of keratin.  Keratin itself is made up of several complexly structured amino acid chains. As you go through the course of your day, your hair gets damaged. Wind, heat, sun, and more- your hair can take on more damage through the course of a day than you might realize. So, when you put our keratin products in your hair, it gives it a chance to recover.

Evoque Smart Keratin

Hair Rejuvenation

Many of us work out. We go for a run, we lift weights, we go swimming – and plenty of us end that workout by consuming a lot of protein. Whether it’s from a protein shake or some kind of protein-rich meal, we replenish our bodies with protein. The same can be done for your hair. Our smart keratin products can restore your hair in a natural, organic way. The keratin structure in your hair can be harmed as you just go through the course of your natural life. So, our smart keratin products repair the amino acid chains in your keratin structure. That way, your hair is stronger and better than ever.

Safety First

We design each of our products so that they can give your body the maximum health benefits possible. Often, that means that we don’t use ingredients that products from other companies may offer. For example, with our smart keratin reconstructing shampoo, we don’t use parabens. We make sure that there are no parabens in our shampoo. They’ve been shown to be connected to cancerogenic effect, so we want no part of them. However, we can still give you all of the positive effects you would have had from those parabens. We use safe, effective preservatives to give you maximum microbial hygiene for your hair.

Salt-Free and More

You may not have known if you’ve used a shampoo with salt in it before, but you may have noticed the effects: frizz. Shampoos with salt in them can give you quite a bit of frizz and more curls than you want. Our keratin shampoos can give you all the hair care you want without any of that annoying frizz. To find what the right hair care products for you are, you can see our complete catalog at our site.