Our Story

Evoque Usa is a 40-year-old family business which spans three generations. In that time, it’s grown from humble beginnings to becoming one of the top professional hair product manufacturers in Turkey. By focusing on R & D (Research and Development,) A&A Cosmetics has developed a signature, innovative outlook on the hair product industry. Its chemistry labs are equipped with the most technologically-advanced equipment on the market today, utilizing research tools and methods from all over the world. Even the CEO of the company, Adnan Akat, is a chemical engineer. He dedicates himself to innovation, quality and health conscientiousness in professional hair product industry and the rest of the company follows suit. A&A Cosmetics currently exports to 65 different countries internationally and has offices in Germany, England, Turkey, Dubai, Romania, and the United States.

The US office of A&A Cosmetics, located in Anaheim, Orange County has been in the country for only four years (as of this writing) but it has already shown outstanding success with its growth rate in the OC and LA markets. Currently, there are over 1300 professional hair salon accounts working with A&A Cosmetics products. The company aims to supply professional hair salons all around North America with high-quality, innovative and health-conscious hair products at an affordable price.

Our most recent product line is Evoque. This line includes anything from low ammonia and non-ammonia professional hair colors to masks, oils, conditioners, and shampoos. The Evoque line currently includes 3 subcategories:

Evoque Milk Therapy(White label): Includes milk proteins, 12 amino acids and argan oil in all products. Incredibly effective for hair conditioning and revitalizing hair to its natural health, these products provide vividness and silky softness. You can’t forget the delicious, milky smell either!

Evoque Smart Keratin(White label with yellow bottom): Includes smart keratin, argan oil and macadamia oil in all products. Best for damaged and processed hair, smart keratin works on repairing the missing keratin blocks of the hair.

Evoque Non Ammonia(Yellow Label): Includes non-ammonia hair color and color-safe clarifying shampoos. This line is a go-to for sensitive scalps. Additionally, these products are perfectly suited for women with pregnancy or allergies.

We’re currently working on helping people with hair loss and thinning hair. One of our main goals for 2019: releasing the Evoque hair thickening and strengthening line.