One of the components you hear more often thrown around in conversations about hair products and treatments is keratin. You have probably heard about it while getting your hair done or were offered such a product by your stylist. Well, that is because there are a lot of uses and benefits to keratin, which is why there are a lot of keratin hair products out there. But what is keratin? Why is it being constantly brought up in conversations about hair treatment? And what are the best keratin products? How can keratin hair products like keratin serum help you grow healthier, prettier hair?

Using Keratin Hair Products

What is Keratin?

In scientific terms, keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins naturally found in every vertebrate organism. Where? In the skin, horns, nails, claws, hooves, and, yes, hair of all mammals. The hair of all animals contains keratin and its natural occurrence is what has led it to be a commonly preferred component in hair treatments. It is a safe, natural alternative ingredient in a lot of the best hair products out there. In fact, it is a key part of the many treatments and products recommended by celebrity stylists everywhere. Keratin hair products are soon becoming a part of everyone’s hair care.

The Uses of Keratin

So what exactly does keratin do? Why is it a part of so many of the aforementioned products? Well, it’s because keratin, as a naturally occurring protein, helps to rebuild the protein structure of damaged hair, smoothing and softening hair over time. This is why it is often used in non-chemical strengthening treatments. The best keratin products will strengthen your hair’s structure in order to improve its overall look and feel. Whether it is a shampoo, conditioner, or keratin serum, keratin hair products are a great pathway to healthier hair. Next time you get a haircut or visit a stylist, make sure to ask them about the uses of keratin and what products they recommend.

Best Keratin Products

As previously mentioned, keratin is present in all of our hair. It is a key protein in our hair cortex, and the lack of it is what causes hair damage. Keratin hair products help restore the keratin structures in our hair, repairing its texture and improving upon its look. Products with keratin treatments in them can deeply nourish hair, cleaning it and repairing damage caused by sun exposure or chemical products. You will want to look for shampoos and conditioners that include keratin as a part of their ingredients. These will help you have healthier, better-looking hair that will prove to be easier to style and maintain.

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