Milk Therapy Hair Color 100ml (3.4oz)


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Product Description

It is a specially formulated hair color cream produced with Lipid Micro Emulsion technology. Not only it nourishes the hair with its nutritious Argan oil content but also supports the protein texture of the hair surface with milk protein amino acids. It minimizes the harmful eects of coloring process. Moisturizes the hair while giving it a long lasting shiny and natural appearance. Provides permanent coloring in the hair by replenishing the nutrient and preservative oil layer on the outer surface of hair. Provides 100% grey coverage while leaving the hair shiny and silky soft. Thanks to the reduced ammonia level in the formula, scalp’s PH balance is maintained, allergic reactions and irritations are reduced. The natural main tones in the catalog are reinforced by intense and covering main tones. Does not contain direct dyes therefore; it provides permanent and natural coloring.

How To Use

Mix with Milk Therapy Oxidant Cream in the desired volume depending on the application until a homoge-
nous mixture of 1: 1 is obtained in a non-metallic container. The application time period is 35 minutes on the fine and medium hair containing less than 50% grey hair. For thick hair and hair containing more than 50% grey, +10 min is added to the application time. You get 100% success in grey coverage with 1:1 support from the selected tone’s main tone, when selected tones are applied on thick hair or hair containing more than 50% grey


Silky Softness
Repairs the hair length
Repairs the hair tip fractures
Easy Combing
Shows hair colors more vividly
Active Ingredients
Argan oil
12 essential amino acids derived from
milk protein
Reduced ammonia level
Does not contain any direct dyes