Smart Amino Keratin

Smart Keratin

Not all “natural” ingredients are created equal. Often, hair care products that say they’re “natural” are anything but. “Keratin” may sound like the new hair care buzzword, but it’s actually been around for a very long time. In fact, keratin is a protein that’s always been present in your hair. Keratin is responsible for much of your hair’s structure. So, our “Smart Amino Keratin” line of hair care products improve your hair not by adding something new to your hair, but by replenishing it with something your hair has always needed. This manifests itself 

Smart Amino Keratin for Anti-Frizz 

One moment, you’re having a great hair day. Your hair looks amazing, just how you imagined it would. Then, out of nowhere: frizz. Suddenly, your hair develops curls, and it’s like there’s nothing you can do about them. Our keratin products can keep this from happening. Strongly “anti-frizz,” they can prevent curl formation. That way, you don’t have to worry about frizzy hair throughout the day and night. If you’ve spent all kinds of time and money to keep your hair from getting frizzy, well, those days are over. With our keratin products, your hair can be as straight and free of static as you want it to be. 

How Keratin Works

Keratin is made up of many amino acid chains. These chains are a major part of your hair, providing much of the framework for your hair. Once these proteins are damaged, your hair is damaged: the strands become weak, impaired and frayed. Think of our Smart Keratin products as a way to repair your hair. When you put products like our shampoo in, for example, it’s like providing support to those amino acid chains. This shampoo helps them to regain their strength so that they can provide that sturdy structure for your hair again. To use an analogy, if you think of your hair as a house, then the keratin is a major part of the foundation.

Beautiful Hair, Free from Static 

Having hair in good, sturdy condition is great, but most people buy shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products because they want their hair to, first and foremost, look amazing. Smart Keratin does not disappoint here, either. Powerfully anti-dandruff and designed to reduce hair loss, these products can help you to enjoy your hair worry-free. You can get rid of static and frizz in a healthy way. 

Smart Keratin, Smart Choice

With many different kinds of Smart Keratin products, there’s one to fit your hair as well as your lifestyle.Curls can form whether you’re having a great time at the club or sitting at your desk, so you need products that can help wherever you are. Shampoo, conditioner, mousse, two-phase conditioner, mask, and serum – you can keep frizz and static at bay, all day and all night long. We know there are many products out there which say they can straighten your hair, but when you need it most, you may find that curls keep forming. With Smart Keratin, you can straighten out your hair, while eliminating frizz and curls, come what may. 

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