Regular Bleach (White Powder, 9 levels lift) 1000gr


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Product Description
It is a bleaching powder that brings down the damage exposed by the hair in the harmful conditions of the bleaching process thanks to its special formula. When used with Milk therapy Hair Color Stabilizer Oxidant Cream, it provides fast and eective lifting power without the need for heat application. It gives a lift up to 8-9 tons depending on the oxidant volume used.

How To Use
Put the bleaching powder in a non-metal container. Mix with the suitable volume of Hair Color Stabilizer Oxidant Cream until a homogenous mixture is obtained  depending on the amount of lightening level required. The average waiting time in the hair is between 15-50 min. Check occasionally to see if the required lifting level has been reached. The use of heat will shorten the bleaching time. After bleaching, rinse with plenty of water. Apply the purification process with a purifying shampoo Milk Therapy Creamy Milk Shampoo

Active Ingredients
Fast and ecient lifting force
Less damage to hair