Smart Keratin Conditioner 380ml


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This hair cream provides easy post-wash combing, vitality and shine with amino acid chains derived from Keratin, Vitamin E and a special formula with rich content. Preventing the static electricity in the hair, it helps the hair to gain a healthy appearance by strengthening the natural protein structure thanks to the keratin oligomers in the content. It gives a silky softness.
Apply to the washed and rinsed hair by gently massaging it without touching the hair scalp. Wait 1-2 min- utes and then rinse.
  • Shine Silky Softness Elasticity Repairs the hair length
  • Repairs the hair tip fractures
  • UV Protection Protects from environmental eects
  • Volume Traps the moisture inside
  • Color Safe Shows hair colors more vividly
  • Prevents hair color bleeding
  • Anti-frizz Active Ingredients
  • Special amino acid chains derived Keratin protein
  • Argan and Macadamia Oils Anti-static agents